Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz - sharing with GMail

Buzz a new service just announced by Google available under the GMail account. Buzz is designed to share day to day stuffs like text, images, videos, etc. Most of the features are similar to other popular social sharing services apart from the GMail front and other Google services integration.

Following are few buzzes of the Buzz.
  • Two mode of sharing is available. Public sharing similar to twitter and Private sharing where update is visible to the users of selected group(s)
  • Many external applications can be configured as a connected sites like YouTube, Google Reader, Picasa, Blogspot, Blogger and Flickr. As such you can paste link having images or videos, Buzz will scan the media files and show you the available contents to select if there are multiple images or videos available. I tried with flickr, vimeo, wikipedia and smashingmagazine
  • All Buzz entries are available in your Google Profile page under Buzz tab
  • Any post shared in the Google Reader will be available as a Buzz entry if the Reader is configured as a connected site
  • A Buzz can be directed to user(s) through '@' symbol before the username like
  • Twitter updates are available as buzz entries if Twitter is configured as a connected site
  • To create RSS for your own Buzz entries, go to your profile page and select the Buzz tab. Copy the URL and add it in the Google Reader under Add Subscription
  • Buzz allows to post Link, Images and Videos to entries. Images can be seen with presentation feature on the same page. Videos can be seen live
  • Each conversation can be seen independently from the Time Link given on the top right of the dialog box
  • As such you can paste any link on the conversation dialog box and Buzz will find all the available images and videos on the page. You can select at max 4 media content to post.
Overall Buzz falls somewhere between the Google Wave and many other popular social applications. With the failure of Google Wave (or may be Buzz in near future) we will see many such applications trying to fit in the "Social Shoe" from Google.

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