Monday, March 1, 2010

bsGrid - A simple HTML/Javascript/jQuery based data grid

bsGrid is a small javascript/jquery based data grid i have developed for data visualization. The grid is Ajax enabled and for each data operation calls a special service URL.

The grid provides basis functionalities like Sorting, Complex Searching, Paging, Column Freezing, etc. The server to client communication is in JSON so that simple POJOs can be used on the server side.

As of now the code uses Servlet for initial rendering but soon that will be converted to a jQuery Plugin for multiple platform. For other detail refer to the Google Code project site :


  1. How can I see demo ?
    Is any link to download and test this grid.


  2. Forget it!

    Try this!

  3. jqgrid is quite popular and feature rich.

    But we wanted some basic functionality like column freezing and client/server side table generation for faster response which were not available in the jqgrid at the time of initial development.

    I started the project as a small prototype to my employer to aggregate required functionality and it worked pretty well; at the moment the project is enhanced to many like jqgrid feature and powers many production applications in our in-house environment.

    I have also created a jqgrid wrapper for Java for one of my freelance customer.